About Us

Return 2 Earth based at Egmont Road, New Plymouth produces some of the finest quality aerobically processed Composted Soil Conditioner available on the market in New Zealand.

Testimony to Return 2 Earths product is evident due to the results achieved by a wide range of customers turned advocates through using this amazing one stop all organic product.

Return 2 Earth's All Natural Composted Soil Conditioner is produced from blends of recycled greenwaste, woodchip, stable, goat and chicken manures and an added humate.

Amazing results from the propogation of seeds to the support of mature trees, the growing of nutritious healthy vegetables and fruit, to viabrant blooms, to quality pastures and crops can all be achieved with this one product.  It really is very "special".

Return 2 Earth is helping lead the way in support of Biological Farming in New Zealand through endorsement of the Albrecht/Kinsey Soil Fertility Programme.

As our name suggests, "What we take from the soil we must put back"

"2 good 2 waste"

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