Return 2 Earth Compost quality, is assured through the diversity of materials used, the monitoring of the processes used and finally screening through a 14 millimetre mesh to maintain consistent aggregates in the end product.

Quality control is an important part of Return 2 Earth’s process, so as rows of compost reach maturity, samples are taken from them and both germination and early growth tests are conducted in seed trays using radish, lettuce and a brassica.  Regular laboratory testing and field trials will also be undertaken in the future. In the final process materials are screened through a 14 mm screen to provide a consistent aggregate yet maintain smaller wooden particles to allow for on going biological breakdown and a continuing food source for the biology that is delivered within the product.

Provided that finished product is kept reasonably dry it spreads very well through bulk trucks fitted with wide belt systems and if dry storage is unavailable then specialised compost spreaders handle damper product with ease.

Return 2 Earth is continuing to grow and develop with assistance from qualified advisors and very much appreciates any feed back whatsoever from customers and service providers. This is considered very important to us as company so we can learn and improve our services.

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