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Recycling of transport pallets, cable drums and untreated waste timber is the latest initiative undertaken by Return 2 Earth.

Once again by using the same machine as used for the green waste mulching, waste timber is chipped into a product that is used for animal bedding.  This recycled material is being successfully used in dairy cow standoff shelters and calf rearing sheds.  It could be used for other animals as well.  Environmental responsibility is very important these days, this product enhances animal welfare, but eventually can be composted and returned to the land.

Through it's commitment towards environmental sustainability and responsibility Return 2 Earth has identified the opportunity to recycle transport pallets, dismantled cable drums and any other untreated timber.  In doing so it provides an alternative in Taranaki to land filling such material.

With disposal costs of between $3.50 and $5.00 per pallet (depending on size) at the New Plymouth transfer station, the question has to be asked about the validity of accepting such material for land filling when there is a viable alternative available.

Return 2 Earth will accept untreated timber at its timber recycling yard on Egmont Rd (entrance is on mountain side of railway overbridge) for processing into woodchip for animal bedding and ground cover.

Farmers are becoming more aware and responsible towards animal husbandry and environmental responsibility.  Using woodchip processed by Return 2 Earth for animal bedding, which can eventually be composted into natural fertiliser to be returned to the land deemed waste product can be transformed into a valuable and sustainable resource.

Through such practice a virtuous circle is completed: 

From soil → tree → mill → pallet to transport food or goods → woodchip processing → animal bedding → fertiliser → soil. 

Just how nature intended, but with man making good on the way through.

Even the nails are recycled.  The mulching machine used to process the timber magnetically separates nails and ferrous materials, which in turn can be recycled through the scrap metal industry.


(Picture above )Environmental sustainability: - Untreated waste timber processed into woodchip for animal bedding and ground cover

As Return 2 Earth says “2 good 2 waste”

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