Return 2 Earth Composted Soil Conditioner is produced from blends of green waste, woodchip, stable manure,
chicken manure, milking goat manure, and a humate.

Return 2 Earth’s present target market is pastoral farming and cropping with most of the product being despatched in bulk.

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Trailer or ute loads are available by arrangement with Return 2 Earth.

Why compost?

Studies from around the world conclusively show that soils enhanced by the addition of well made quality composts outperform those treated with raw or partly decomposed animal manures and or conventional chemical based fertilisers.

Compost enhancement of soils creates better soil structure, water holding ability and the ability to better hold nutrients within the topsoil rather than having nutrient leaching through the subsoils.

Compost contributes to natures ability to recycle plant materials and create humus. Humus is the life layer of the earth that plants, animals and mankind are so dependent on.

Compost contains large amounts of organic matter and therefore adds Carbon to soils. Carbon makes up a significant proportion of humus.

Compost delivers wide diversity of biological organisms to the soil. Such diversity will never be found in chemical fertilisers.

Compost provides nutrients in plant available form as well as food and nourishment to the abundant biology found in rich and active soils.

Compost provides opportunity for farmers to adopt environmental and social responsibilities that will provide sustainability for their soils, farms, animals, families, country, and world as a whole.

Compost will deliver responses and results to responsible people.

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